!! My nipples are a little sunburned !!

but other than that, I enjoyed the tropical fun of West Palm Beach, where I was relaxing this weekend with my Grandmother and Wendell at the Brazilian Court Hotel. We ate at Cafe Boulud, a very fancy restaurant that is the southern counterpart of the very fancy restaurant of the same name right here in NYC. It was actually in our hotel, which reminded me of a fantasy location on the French Riviera. There were courtyards with little fountains where statues of little boys poured water out of their urns into crystal pools below their feet. There was an elegant salon where my grandmother tried to get her nails done, but they were closed on Sunday. The pool was surrounded by bright yellow stucco walls and banana trees, and someone even brought us towels while we were getting settled on the cushioned poolside chairs. The luxuriousness of luxury hotels amazes me, and it would have been nice if a little romance had been thrown into the mix, but I guess that was out of the question. Someday maybe, when I am a star, or Bennett’s new mystery series outsells Harry Potter.

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