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Today I went to the Cherry Grove beach on Fire Island with friends. Getting there was quite an expedition that required two trains, a shuttle van, and a ferry. When we arrived with the hot sun beating down on us, I think we all appreciated that this really was the perfect day. And then the cold water sloshed over the bank and soaked our towels! The ocean was swirling crazy today because of a hurricane off shore and the waves were taking over the beach. We retreated to the weeds and lay down our things among tampon applicators and old boards with nails in them. Once we were set up, two of the more industrious members of our group started to work on building a barrier made of sand and debris. While they had no tools to work with , we were lying near an older man with a handlebar mustache who was working on his own tool quite fervently, sitting on a striped beach chair next to a woman who had to be someone other than his wife. He wasn’t exactly jerking off, but more fluffing it to make it look bigger. Or something. By the end of the day I felt relaxed, a little red and sleepy, and ready for a wild night! I only hope I don’t have this awful farmer’s tan anymore!

A note to my wealthier readers: If you think this picture is sexy, feel free to buy me a present.

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