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!! The cutest thing about Thanksgiving !!

was definitely my aunt’s Pekingese “Poochie,” who was afraid of the camera flash because he thought it was lightning.What a nice little dog, a good little friend. I wanted to feed him the whole turkey, especially since I hate turkey and had to pretend to eat it while secretly eating all the delicious sweet potatoes that my Aunt Brenda made the Southern way with MARSHMALLOWS.
Still, the turkey did look beautiful, and there was this photo of me taking a big, monstrous bite out of it while my dad was carving it, but somehow it got lost. I was then going to post a more informative carving picture, but my dad asked me not to because he had a big, disgusting red mark on his chin as a result of some shaving accident.So here is this lovely picture of the Thanksgiving turkey all by its lonesome. Yum yum yum.
The evening was satisfying and full of family togetherness, but there was less drama than I was anticipating and I admit that was a disappointment. I had heard rumors that maybe my cousin’s boyfriend was going to propose to her at the dinner table in front of everybody. Now that would have made for a lively night, but it didn’t happen. Also no one really got as drunk as I was expecting them to, not even the cats when we gave them huge piles of raw catnip (this was towards the end of the night when we were desperate for entertainment). Plus I learned something very exciting: If you are baking ANYTHING that has eggs and milk as ingredients, you can replace them with Diet Coke and it will taste exactly the same with less calories! AMAZING!! This is a special Weight Watchers tip from my cousin Brittany. If you try it at home, please let me know how it comes out and I’ll relay your gratitude to her, because I don’t think she realizes what a great discovery she has shared.

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