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!! Family is a wonderful thing !!

Let's make it legal for every American to have one. The anti-gay marriage constitutional amendment is on the horizon, and the assholes who are sponsoring it need a clear message that they are out of line, out of touch, and soon to be out of their jobs if it goes through. Sign HRC's petition in favor of gay marriage rights.

ALSO: You know that contest held (remember, with Janeane Garofalo, Moby, and other retarded celebrity "activists") to find the best 30-second anti-Bush ad? Well now they've chosen it and CBS refuses to air it during the Super Bowl. Tell them it's not okay to deny freedom of speech in exchange for political favors.

What are they talking about?
John Ashcroft in NYC this Tuesday
Will Arnold sign the gay marriage bill?
The President hates me and you
Massachusetts may have set off a firebomb

» posted by Frank on Friday, January 23, 2004
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