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to go without a desk? I’ve been sharing cubespace for almost five months, and if I didn’t love the poor girl I sit with as much as I do, I would have quit by now. Still, I think it may be affecting my quality of life (and hers as well, considering it used to be her desk). Perhaps I’m just a victim of spring fever, but I’m feeling held back on all fronts lately. I’m in desperate need of a “breakthrough” and fundamentally incapable of making one happen. Maybe something will happen to me if I go stand at the side of the road and show a little leg, or do the contextual equivalent. It’s kind of a passive approach, but my attempts at taking initiative haven’t gone over so well lately. Is it enough to have only half of what you want as long as that half is going pretty well? I think a desk could help immeasurably, but how can you trust someone who tells you to “stick it out a little longer” when that person has an MBA and a full benefits package?
It’s getting warmer and I want a little space, a little privacy, and a little fulfillment of my potential, none of which are happening right now, and goddammit everyone else is making personal phone calls too; I just don’t have a desk so that’s why I’m making them from my bright red cell phone. Sorry if you are offended.

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