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Al Gore and Joel Hyatt are being a little cryptic about their new cable network, but my hopes are high. Formerly some sort of 24-hour news boringness, the channel is going to be transformed into a “non-political network for young adults.”
“This will not be a political network,” Gore said in a statement. “These stories will be in a voice that young people recognize and from a point of view they identify as their own.” (AP)
I certainly hope those voices come from the likes of Tara (Paradise Hotel), Shane (The L Word), April (ANTM), and the Five Alts (Mad, Mad House). If it must be informative, Anderson Cooper and Jon Stewart (or close lookalikes) are the only newsmen I would watch. Even though they are not what most would consider “young people,” they are very, very sexy and that is how I place my trust in a news anchor. Hopefully Al Gore realizes this, considering that his lack of sexiness is why he is venturing into cable television and not into a bid for reelection. (note: it was not always this way)
Or maybe they will just have shows like Double Dare. Now that was good Young Adult Television; that green slime was HILARIOUS!

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    Actually, for your information, the network is aimed at people in their "twenties," which includes me for hopefully seven years and two and a half months more, by which point I will be at the ultra-sexy age of thirty and will not care about Al Gore’s stupid television channel. -F

    You wrote this entry as if the new network for young adults were being geared toward you. I’m afraid that as someone in the field of Y/A I must inform you that you are mistaken. Frank, marketers no longer consider you Y/A, you are now just a lonely little A.

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