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!! The cutest baby !!

6monthsold (49k image)
was me, at six months old. I will entertain argument through comments, but it really is an indisputable fact.
ALSO, big news: Marc Burnett (creator of Survivor and The Apprentice) wants to work with Martha Stewart when she gets out of prison to “reinvent” her TV show. I can’t even begin to imagine, but I’m panting already at the possibilities.

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    Baby on water skis

    I know, it’s not quite as cute as a little smush-faced cat, but a baby on water skis is pretty remarkable. Watch the little tyke zoom around the lake in this video, which is sort of crappy quality, but you’ll get the idea. I think I may have just post…

    hopefully not as fat… right?

    frank, you always are such a darling boy! you have the same face, amazing . . .

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