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Today I officially ended my part time job of questionable legality. While I will miss the cash, I am already enjoying my new freedom. In the meantime, I am considering teaching piano lessons to little kids (I will also consider offers of employment from rich sixteen-year-olds).
EXCLUSIVE: I am currently reviewing Episode 1 of Wet Palms, the new gay soap opera porno, and it will be posted sometime in the next few days. Stay tuned!

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    Frank: Great blog and cool links. Spreading Santorum is one of my faves. Looking forward to your Wet Palms installments. Doing one myself, called "The Apprentice Boy". I will stayed tune. Have a great day.

    Em, if I told you, I could be hauled off. I’ll tell you that it did not involve murder or horses.

    what job?

    Don’t give it away! If anyone stole the idea I think my world would end.

    Well, now you’ll have more free time to work on our amazing Halloween costumes… who needs money?

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