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billgates (46k image)
Who is this coquettish little datacruncher? Click here to find out, and see more. These photos are so satisfying because they finally solve one of life’s great mysteries: who all the guys at the Phoenix are trying to imitate. Maybe if they stayed up all night writing the next big operating system, their sexy dark circles could be as pronounced as Bill’s. Work harder, boys!

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    It appears so… he is a sexy dork-ninja.

    Is he throwing a floppy disk ninja-style?

    oooo, that’s a great one, thanks! He really was kind of sexy in a turtle-like way.

    I can only think of gay 20-somethings putting it anywhere, and even then only if he were naked.

    I just wonder what the readers of Tiger Beat thought of those pics way back in 1983. I just can’t see some teen cutting those out and putting them up in her locker.

    Thanks for the material. I’m going to save it in my "softcore dork cheesecake" folder

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