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tonikiss (36k image)
Today my friend Gail sent me a link to the very funny site, TV Go Home, which is like a British parody of TVGuide. Some of the “programmes” listed are poking fun at the reality TV genre, and while the idea of One Man Army and Heat Dungeon are quite appealing, nothing can rival the pure delightful evil of Paradise Hotel (R.I.P., when is the f*cking DVD coming out?). Above, please witness bug-eyed temptress Toni Ferrari sucking the life out of an unsuspecting visitor to PARADISE. To anyone who was wondering, that is most definitely the Ultimate Prize. GAME ON!!

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    Toni Ferrari,
    You are a fucking cunt. you think you are a greek…you are a greek cunt. We hate your fucking attitude…fuck you toni Ferrari


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