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!! Queer Eye for the Non-Crazy Hottie !!

jairod (23k image)Being the star of a hit reality television program can be such a hindrance to finding love, especially if your role is the “being young and pretty and saying inanities guru” (official title: “Culture Vulture“). Oh wait, I forgot about the dance lessons. Jai Rodriguez does that, too, and on Oprah!
Anyway, if you feel like getting to know this “all-around nice guy (with a bit of an edge),” check out his Match.com profile and see if you fit the bill. You can have long hair, tattoos, an affinity for skinny-dipping, and a love of erotica, but don’t be too crazy. (via Dlisted)
In related news: LOGO (the gay channel) arrives June 30th! Surfer Girls [watch clip] may not be the L Word, but sexy femmes Emily and Viv make it look promising. I wonder if LOGO will have porn.

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    This has GOT to be a joke!

    Wow you guys have so much in common, perhaps you are his Match. Make sure you have a bit of an "edge," but not too much of one.

    I love to kiss and flirt too!

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