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tyrajolie (62k image)

In taking her own personal brand to new levels, did Tyra Banks' lips undergo a makeover, making her look uncannily similar to her sister of the large forehead, Angelina Jolie? As hostess of a new daytime, Oprah-like talk show premiering this fall, not only is Tyra under pressure not to be chubby (even though she is over 30), but perhaps she felt the need to augment something other than her breasts.

Tyra Bonus: If you have always wanted to see Tyra's childhood photos and hear her life story, all narrated by a miniature video version of Tyra, then her new website will thrill you for days.

EXTRA: There is a Colin Farrell sex tape that may or may not surface. It is currently being "shopped," but hopefully will be leaked to the Internet soon.

Colin Farrell's boner
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» posted by Frank on Monday, July 18, 2005
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