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!! Get that goth off of Houdini's tombstone! !!

crissangel (42k image)

Damn kids.. no respect for the dead. Oh whoops, my mistake. That is famous illusionist Criss Angel, mourning at the grave of his inspiration, Harry Houdini. This on top of yesterday's slip-up must mean I need to get my eyes checked.

According to his website, Criss has a new television show on A&E called MINDFREAK, which I imagine will include some of the more popular stunts from his tours, like lighting himself on fire, floating in the air, not drowning while submerged in water, etc.

One notable fact about Criss Angel is that he enjoys a large following that he likes to call "The Loyal." They post frequently on this bulletin board where they put forth exciting polls such as "if u had the chance to meet chriss. wut would u do?" Sometimes they even make informative fansites of their own. Enjoy some fan photos after the jump.

Before you leave the site, don't forget to buy a gothy t-shirt at the online store, and if that isn't up your alley, you can always tattoo [go to "The Loyal" category] Criss Angel's logo onto your own skin!

gothy friends

As a side note, while searching for suitable images for this post, I ran across this site [NSFW]. Perhaps Criss and all these furry fellas are "magically" connected somehow.

Finally, thanks to Gail for telling me about this character.

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» posted by Frank on Wednesday, August 24, 2005
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