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!! R. Kelly gets his diva on !!

rkelly01 (18k image)
And not in a good way. Remember those “Divas Live” concerts that used to happen on VH1 where Chaka Kahn, Gloria Estefan, Whitney Houston, Shania Twain, and Cher would all sing beautiful harmony together? Well R. Kelly’s performance at the VMAs was sort of like that, except he was pretending to be all of them (or maybe just Whitney) and singing harmony with himself. How is that possible you ask? Well sometimes his lips weren’t even moving but the passion of the music kept it playing on… or was that the track he was lip-synching to?
According to David Hasselhoff’s brother (who introduced the performance), Mr. Kelly was performing for the first time the exclusive last scene of his “Trapped In the Closet” R&B opera, which *SPOILER ALERT* involves a gay love triangle and someone waving a gun around (I think). It was hard to tell what was going on because R. Kelly’s frantic pantomimes were at times impossible to decipher. You can try for yourself by watching the footage here.
There are more hilarious screen captures after the jump! Thanks to Karen for the link.

rkelly01 (18k image)
Is it a phone? Can he even remember?
rkelly01 (18k image)
Playing gay (left) and playing ex-gay (right)

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