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!! Martha will ride the pumpkin after all !!

After seeing a TIVO’d Martha double-header last night (The Apprentice and then her daytime show, which happened to the be the wedding episode with 160 brides-to-be in the audience), I have had her on the brain all day, and was delighted to find this heartwarming story about Canadian Immigration making Martha the exception to its usual strict policy against allowing convicted felons into the country. She will be entering on a special permit to travel to Windsor, Nova Scotia to fillm a segment on their annual pumpkin festival, during which participants paddle giant, decorated pumpkins across a lake! Of course Martha will take part. (via The Fix)
ALSO: The Martha Stewart “caption-this” winner!

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    Are you asking me or Martha? I can’t speak for her, but I was just binge drinking on Friday and I don’t think it was at a gallery. -F

    Hey were you at my band’s show at the Glass House Gallery on Friday? Was that You?

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