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!! Clay Aiken caught in the (gay) act !!

gayclayaiken-cen (91k image)
Not only did Page Six print the news today of Clay Aiken hooking up for gay sex with a horny ex-soldier, but there is more bad news for the American Idol star. Incriminating nude photos of his military tryst have surfaced today on the Internet, and you can only find them here. Uncensored photo after the jump [NSFW]!

gayclayaiken (85k image)

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    Clay Aiken denied he is gay because he isn’t gay. He also never made a statement he was straight. Why? The guy is bisexual. He swings both ways.

    I thought you were going to say "Frank, why can’t you be as funny as D-listed?"
    To both questions, I must answer: Maybe I would if someone would buy me a present off my Amazon.com wishlist!

    Frank, please update your site as much as DListed- my job is boring enough to need this constant stimulation of data on things that are most important in our world.

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