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!! Jon Stewart to host Oscars !!

jonstewartemmy (36k image)
Unbelievably sexy Daily Show host Jon Stewart will be taking a short break from receiving award statues two at a time, and will try his hand at giving them out instead. He is the as-yet-unconfirmed choice to host the Academy Awards on March 5. (via The Fix)
Thank goodness Billy Crystal isn’t trotting out his tired routine for the ninth time. Word on the street is that Jon Stewart will be employing the help of Daily Show writers to make this year’s Oscars the most hilarious ever! If he wears soccer shorts, then there would be perhaps a 20% chance of me actually watching them.

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    if they can keep the oscars to just jon’s monologue and the dead people montage where people always ignore the wait until the end to applaud instruction thereby you can see how popular various dead people are, then the oscars will finally be 100% hilarious!

    I’M SO EXCITED!!!!

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