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sharon stoneBasic Instinct 2 will be released in just over two weeks and it is sure to satisfy everyone's expectations. Expectations of what, you ask?

Well let's take Sharon Stone, for example. She is guaranteed to look as hot as she does in this picture, except you will also see her vagina. Now if that's not going above and beyond... Well, actually Sharon wanted to go even further, by making sure the director shot her nude scene "in a startling way that would be disturbing and threatening."

No worries there, Sharon. I'm disturbed (and slightly threatened) just from seeing this sneak preview [NSFW]. I think I may have nightmares forever if I see the whole movie. At least cadaverous Michael Douglas had enough sense not to participate in this ill-fated sequel. Cuter co-star David Morrissey will take his place, but I don't think even the promise of seeing a glimpse of his pubes could lure me into Sharon's snatch the theater.

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Aaron Stone(d)
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» posted by Frank on Tuesday, March 14, 2006
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