!! Britney Spears is officially no longer sexy !!

Fat Britney Spears
Continuing in the vein of Friday’s post, I thought it important to report that Britney Spears is no longer in the minds of masturbating FHM readers. In fact, there are 100 other women that the FHMers would think about first while whacking off, thus eliminating Britney from the FHM Sexy 100 list. Only two years and 2000 bags of Cheetos ago, Britney was #1, but she is now comfortable with her new fat and unsexy self, and wishes everyone would just shut up about it.
So Britney, I respect your wishes. I will never write about how fat you are ever again.
SPECIAL NOTE: I am doing a bit of gardening for the next few days so publishing will be lighter until I return on Thursday with a nice farmer’s tan.

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2 Comments on "Britney Spears is officially no longer sexy"

  1. doesn’t the phrase more cushion for the pushin apply here? i expect she’ll slim down in time to promote her next album, thanks to photoshop.

  2. I fell by your site, and I love it! Thanks for this one, Frank.
    I damn near bust a gut laughing…

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