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!! Contact lense solution causes blindness !!

contact lense insert
There is something a bit odd about a liquid that can keep contact lenses moist and comfortable for days, or those lenses you can leave in night after night while you sleep. After several blinding eye infections were reportedly linked to the use of Bausch & Lomb’s ReNu with Moisturelock lens solution, the manufacturer is “urging” customers not to use it.
They are not recalling it or admitting to any mistake, but rather telling us that we should just buy another product. What a weird message for a company to be sending, but one that I will heed, not that I ever use ReNu anyway. The one time I tried it my eyes starting burning, so I’ve since used Optifree, a comfortable and hopefully infection-free alternative. “Moisturelock” is kind of a creepy name anyway.

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