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Natasha Bedingfield
It’s not my habit to post huge chunks of text from other blogs, but Gabriel from ModFab so succintly covered everything I hate about British singer Natasha Bedingfield, whose song “Unwritten” is all over the radio right now, that I defer to him:

I’ve thought about this all day, and I think I hate her because she’s so obviously a tool. Every pose, every key change, every video…it all reeks of record company manipulation and demographic-inspired decisions. I love Kylie, Madonna, Annie Lennox, Beyonce, Mary J., Missy, and many other female pop stars. But all of them exude an integrity — Kylie is a disco diva and knows it, Madonna is always a sex goddess, etc. They are who they are. Bedingfield is whoever Sony tells her to be. She’s the girl-pop version of IBM…a pre-packaged corporate monolith.

And another thing. It’s not that “her book is still unwritten.” It’s that it’s COMPLETELY written, and the text is dull as dishwater. It’s a philosophy so sophmoric it could give Dr. Phil a songwriting credit.

And that crackly thing she does with her voice is so fake.

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