!! OMG, how retarded: Craig’s List !!

Welcome to my new regular series: “OMG, how retarded!” In it I will point out items of extreme stupidity from all over the Internet, allowing you and me to mock and feel superior to the dummies who made them.
OMG How Retarded
Today the subject is “Missed Connections” posts on New York Craig’s List.
Entry 1: All things Apple… – m4w: You work at the Apple store in Soho, have short brown hair with red highlights, glasses. You are absolutely stunning. I love Apple stuff. Could you give me a discount?
Entry 2: Kiehl’s. Columbus ave. You liked my purple shirt – m4w: Lovely Kiehl’s employee. You liked my purple shirt and asked if I needed a bag. Adorable,sweet and a little offbeat I would like to get to know you.
Entry 3: Waiter/Singer at Ellen’s Stardust Diner, Bway at 50th – m4m: DAMN you are hot. You were wearing a name tag that said “Judy” and I have no idea what your name is.
What retarded thing do all these posts have in common? Answer after the jump!

These are not missed connections. They are employees you are obsessed with, and you know just where to find them if you actually had the nerve to talk to them. OMG, how retarded.
Have you found something totally dumb while surfing the information superhighway? Has cyberspace offered a beautiful gleaming turd you would like to share with me? Send it my way and it could be featured next time.

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  1. Aw Rod, of course not. Though if you do write something retarded, it would provide some great traffic! xo F

  2. Glad to see I’m not linked here.

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