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!! Diddy tries to escape child support !!

Someone should tell Sean “Diddy” Combs that kids are expensive, especially when you make as many millions of dollars as he does. The New York Supreme Court did not hear his appeal when he wanted to cheap it out on child support for his 12-year-old daughter son. He will have to pay $35K per month. That’s like my old yearly salary every month for his ex-girlfriend and their daughter. Can’t he do better?

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    feel sorry for him

    what a cheap-ass!!

    35000 amonth?! thats bullsh. for some dumb black hoe who aint doin sh*t but spendin it on weave,weed, n crack. smh

    Whoops, thanks for the correction, Bandida!

    Cheap ass bastard! He can spend millions on bling, give the most lavish parties in Hollyweird, and spend money Making the Suck Ass Bands, and he can’t spend what for him is chump change on his kid?!?!?
    What a dick!

    Bebe it’s not daughter it’s son ;-D 12year old son…..

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