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!! Teri Hatcher confesses to Oprah !!

It’s quite a blow to be dumped by someone as (not) gay as Ryan Seacrest, and Teri Hatcher felt like the only way she could work through it was to go on Oprah and dish about how Ryan is such a stuck up little (not) fag. Remember the paparazzi photos of them kissing? Well apparently, an hour after the date where the photos were taken, Ryan called up Teri to tell her “I don’t think I can do this with you.” Did he mean heterosexual intercourse? Or pursed-lipped heterosexual kisses? It remains a mystery, but we certainly do not buy Teri’s excuse that he broke it off because she “ate too much lobster.” Teri Hatcher’s lips have not touched lobster or anything resembling food in several years. (via The Fix)

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