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!! Jodie Marsh redefines proportion !!

This photo of UK “model” Jodie Marsh is like an optical illusion. Where does her body begin and end? Is she really diamond-shaped? Is her boob really larger than her head? There are two more clues after the jump.

[via Dlisted]

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    Jodie ist the most fabulous Bimbo in the world. A model for all girls. I love her

    Her puss? As in marmaduke? I didn’t see her cat there

    I don’t give a fuck if there real or not
    I would fuck those tits so hard

    WOW, her t!ts……are SQUARE!!!
    I’ve never seen such a thing!

    that fucken hot i would like to stick it in her mouth then her puss then have her suck my cock

    those cant be real. looks like papier-mache tits

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