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» OMG, more nude male celebs!

!! OMG, he’s naked: Rafael Verga !!

Brazilian model Rafael Verga has worked on the 2(x)ist underwear campaign, appeared on the cover of GQ, and is a favorite of the gays who like beefy Latin guys. I had never seen his penis before today, and though I would share it with all of you after the jump [NSFW]. (Image Source)

UPDATE: Due to a C&D, we have had to remove these photos. We apologize for your blue balls.

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    wow that all i get to say FROM TRINIDAD AND TOBAGO

    oh to be a pair snow white undies

    I love him….

    Now thats 1 gorgeous man with 1 hot cock! Just like it should be:clean,no dirty 4skin & a nice big head! Yummy!!!I want more!

    gorgeous bod, and fucking great cock. let me ride it!

    damn just, damn that is perfect

    OMG! I can’t believe a hot Brazilian man like this is circumcised! YUMMY! That’s how they should make them always! ALWAYS! Not dirty 4skin like someone else said, that is just repulsive and I had taken my lust for hot brazilian men out because they are not cut…I wonder if Argentines and Uruguayans also get cut now? The hot northern Mexican men do (Yeah, the men of northern Mexico are VERY HOT!!! They are a completely different people from the Mexicans you see in the States! They are smoking Hot, up there with Italians and Brazilians and even Aussies…they indeed are white also, but who cares, they are HOT!)

    yo te amo con todo mi corazon.

    i love his dick yummmmmmmmy

    so glad he’s not totally shaved. nice bush, nice cock.

    Except for the missing forskin – which is the hottest of the hot – and should not have been cut off (whenever in his life) for gay men – whew’ that’s HOT!
    (But foreskin makes it hotter….!).

    love to see his big cock hmmm great and yummy

    Face and frontal is of course stirring enough but OMG that treasure trail leading down the small of his back just about gave me (the best sort of) heart attack!!! =)

    what a hot cock!!! i would love to suck it until it explodes!!!

    My GOD!! i think im having an orgasm…

    uyyyyyy PERO Q RICO ESTAS

    ¿Rafeael Verga? Verga means cock, dick, penis in Spanish. Well. his language is Portuguese but must be much the same on this matter!

    a real “verga” (cock in Spanish) is an uncut one. He should change his name by all means!

    circumcised cock permits glans to grow unhindered. You heve there a beautiful head of penis, mushroom looks!

    This guy Verga’s verga has missing foreskin: that might hinder good sexual experiences with women, unless in the US.

    Just for the record, in Brazil, “verga” does NOT mean “cock”.

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