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!! Viva la Pink Taco !!

There is an uproar in Scottsdale, AZ over the new Mexican place in town, and it’s not because of inappropriate racist billboards. It’s just the name: The Pink Taco (which also means “cootch,” for those of you who didn’t know).
The Daily Show reports on the controversy with skill and hones in on the real issues. To the woman spear-heading the boycott, reporter Ed Helms first offers, “so you have a problem with Mexicans,” and then suggests that the restaurant simply be called “Vagina Taco,” to appease those offended by the double entendre.
This clip is so funny it brought tears to my eyes. Watch it after the jump.

[via Viva La Graham]

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    The video doesn’t work anymore.
    I just don’t see that it looks like a taco.

    The Pink Taco. That is a riot. I would patronize that place just because the idea of eating a pink taco gets me hot!

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