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!! Classic Nintendo controller still has its uses !!

Years ago my old Nintendo started doing this thing where it would display big colored stripes across the screen, making most of my games unplayable. I held onto it though (it’s currently in storage) against the hope that it would magically start working at some point in the future, or that it would become a collector’s item.
I never imagined that I could hack the controller to make it into the remote control for my television. Notice I use the word “could.” I have a feeling it is way too complicated and that I will never do it, but you should go for it if you’re handy. All the necessary parts cost only $13. Watch a video of the way the thing works after the jump.

(via TechEBlog)

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    Revitalize that old Nintendo

    If you still have a classic Nintendo Entertainment System that works and you don’t feel like turning the controller into a remote for your TV, there is a new option to keep your system fresh in the face of those new fangled boxes like the Wii and the …

    You can get a new game console that plays nintendo games cheap on ebay. It’s called a yobo, I have one and it works great, fyi.

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