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» OMG, more nude male celebs!

!! OMG, he’s naked: Peter Sarsgaard !!

To help celebrate the pending birth of his first child with wife Maggie Gyllenhaal, I wanted to post these naked stills [NSFW] of Peter Sarsgaard from the film Kinsey. I didn’t even realize he was in that movie until later, but he looked really good. Check him out after the jump.

Peter Sarsgaard nude Kinsey
Peter Sarsgaard nude Kinsey
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    He should’ve played with himself a little before taking his clothes off. For Maggie’s sake I hope it grows 7 inches when hard.

    Poor girl….

    id tap that

    HOT! HOT! HOT!

    Umm so am I the only one who wants to jump his bones? I hope not!!

    DAMN..it’s so tiny..poor guy

    I love him, he’s so sexy!!! I’d fuck him anyway, he’s awesome.

    for your info. i know it looks small, but the greater majority of guys do when not hard… i am sure he has a very nice above average dick when hard! i would definately tap that!

    He is perfectly normal in size.This is a normal man and not the freaks that we see in the porn world.I should know as I am in the medical profession and see many penises every year.

    It’s not erect, duh! My ex would look like this flaccid, but he’d be 6 inches erect.

    very normal size for most guys flacid. it gets biggers guys so relax (for when it gets bigger of course) 🙂

    well built body, small circumcised pecker exactlty as those of millions of US males. Good luck, Maggie! He has very good wide butts, which appear in the same film scene and are not shown here.

    normal size flaccid penis of a man who just got his undrpants off,unlike pulic legend that all en are semiérect all the time! Yet nobosy can guess from that scene if his penis is medium size or big.He is cut as all US males are

    Looks like an average sized flaccid penis. At least he keeps his pubic hair natural, it makes him look more manly. If he shaved his pubes it would look pre-pubescent and make his penis look even smaller than it does with all that pubic hair surrounding it.

    Looks gorgeous to me he’s a very sexy man size don’t matter average is good …I’d tear that up ..I love everything about him …especially if he talked in with that southern draw he used in the skeleton key totally sexy

    It does look a little small but he could easily be a grower not a shower. As far as US males being circumcised, a lot are, but plenty are not.

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