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!! OMG, he’s naked: Viggo Mortensen !!

I think that Viggo Mortensen is the only man to ever make long hair and a beard look appealing. In his role as Aragorn in Lord of the Rings, it could be that he was hot by comparison to all the hobbits running around, but there was definitely a renegade ruggedness about him that kept everyone swooning.
After the jump, take a look at Viggo in a more cleanly shaven and nude role in the film Indian Runner [NSFW].

Viggo Mortensen nude Indian Runner
Viggo Mortensen nude Indian Runner
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    I have always thought Viggo was hot. He was in a movie way back with Gwenyth Paltrow & Michael Douglas.. i wanted him then and now. YUM!

    he’s a good father and husband too- very hot in my book!!!

    another one with nothing between the legs.

    Maybe he’s a ‘grower’ not a ‘shower.

    Are you sure this is real? His head looks like it is a different color from the body, so some person with photoshop could have just pasted the head on another nude guy. I don’t buy it.

    Uh- what is he packin, about 5 inches?

    He is so dreamy. And the stills don’t really do him justice…in the footage he looks hung like a beercan, lemme tell you what.

    I own the movie its real!!!!!

    Can I ask the obvious? Where is his penis?

    thats crule!!!!!!!!!!

    Do he has so small penis, he could have hardened it. anyway the shot is mind blowing. let us hope for another film in which he is naked too with a larger one

    You lot have OBVIOUSLY never heard of MKG ~ Miraculous Knob Growth!
    I’d be willing to speculate on his final proportions!!!!

    Ladies? There are no ladies here. Simply a bunch of damage gay guys who look at way too much porno to know what a penis is supposed to look like and whose emotional growth requires Viagra simply to get up in the morning. If they looked into their own pants they would discover that they were actually “normal” instead of feeling they too are defective and have the need to turn on their own kind like laboratory rats who have a thalidomide consciousness crying out for PETA to save them and their puny powers of intellectual reproduction.

    I’d do him no matter what his size is.

    Mortensen is supposedly nude (full frontal) for 4 minutes in US version of new film, “Eastern Promises.” We’ll just have to see to compare. “Indian Runner” pix posted here are real.

    Just saw Eastern Promises today. Viggo has a big fight scene in a change room that was hot as hell. I almost jizzed right in my pants.

    Normal penis is normal. Wake up and remember what an average penis looks like, retards.
    Going to see Eastern Promises tonight. Russian accent = the sex.

    dude, hes hot no matter how small his dick is

    dude, hes hot no matter what size his dick is, id have sex with him anyday

    holy fucking shit
    my body is like frozen
    i forgot my email for a second
    this is so fucking hottt
    there should a scene like this is lord of the rings
    when his aragorn
    omg this is the best website ever

    He is HOT I have seen his new movie and he is TEH SEX. seriously I would do him ~_^.

    I think its plenty big. You people who think its small are dillusional.

    I love Viggo mortensen, what ever or how ever hi looks, is not that is his heart that matters to me. He is a lovable human being and that’s what counts. sorry but no bad words!! God bless your life Viggo.
    your my only down to earth actor.

    My ex-boyfriend was that size and believe me, it gets bigger and better. Judge it when it’s hard! And I agree with Smarter! It’s NORMAL! He’s hella sexy!

    uhh durr its on soft… anyone knows that the smaller it is on hard the bigger it will get when hard.. haha so i still think he is packin and still the hottest man in existence….

    He is HOT. And he has brain, soul, intelligence and body. And penis is OK. It is HIS.

    Uh, his weiner actually looks big to me. Most soft ones, look like a peanut. However, the penis is a funny thing. Temperature, mood, comfort level, all play a role in size. Next time you see him, it could be smaller. And the next time, bigger. So don’t put a lot of stock in penis size, because they fluctuate so much.

    im soooo glad my husband isnt so tiny

    he is actually 9.5 inches after a warm jelquing sessiona in the sauna

    Come on guys.
    This is okay and-for me-bigger would remember me at a porn star 🙂

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