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!! Prince Harry bulging royally !!

Okay, so it could be Photoshopped, but I couldn’t deprive you of foxy Prince Harry filling out his cargo shorts in such an obscene fashion, could I?
Prince Harry bulge
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    …i’m still saddened by his nazi-wearing antics though. immature sheltered princely bigots, however harmeless his crimes, don’t excite me. however, i love your blog and wish i lived in canada.

    He must get it from his mother’s side of the family.

    Damn that is huge and he was think of me

    OMG, Having a “Redhead” crush on Harry for ever now I know there’s even more reason to celebrate.. GEEZE!!
    Check out my ‘Redhead Section’ on myspace

    unfortunately that’s probably a water bottle like the one he’s holding in his hand..

    He must’ve got it from his soccer player red headed dad cuz you know it’s not from Charles.

    OMG, do you see the size of his cock! I would love to have that deep down my ass and my mouth! Damn

    even princes get hard ons!! where did this pic first appear? was it in a newspaper?

    This is so not real ( It can’t be O.o )
    But nice view all the same XD.

    It was a prank….and don’t forget “Mr Alfy, I’m so mature”….that you TOO were once young.
    Oh sorry….you did everything right.
    Good boy! Praise Jesus!

    Again……ARE YOU PEOPLE SILLY AND DESPERATE??? This is FAKE….get a life people….you are acting like gay leechers..

    I was changing planes in Paris and saw this on the cover of one of the London tabloids (or a similar boner photo). I had no francs left so didn’t buy it. Been looking for it ever since (off and on when I think of it).

    it looks big because he is going commando!

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