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!! OMG, he’s naked: Joe Dalessandro !!

You probably know him from all the Andy Warhol/Paul Morrisey films where he was shaking his impressive man meat around, but “Lil” Joe Dalessandro also did some nude “fitness modelling” and even made another, much racier movie in which he takes it up the butt.
Watch it all and be amazed after the jump [very NSFW].

And for something a little different:

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    Where are the videos? They aren’t working for me!

    could you please re-upload the videos?

    vids are down.

    Joe is (was & shall be)a “wetdream”. I wish only the best for one who, all unknowingly, was a joy for so many young gay men. He will always be a “dream” male to me no matter how many years pass (& how many children he sires).

    “THE SMITHS” debut album is without a doubt the the best shot of Joe, especially when its full size vinal

    I really love joe but I have never seen any of his films I really would like to get one of them

    vids are down again. i never got to see them 🙁

    does anyone have a clip from TRASH of joe trying to sleep with flies buzzing about his ass? TRASH might be the wrong movie, but if anyone has info. let me know.

    Thanks for pointing that out, S. The videos are all back up now!

    What happened to these videos? There all blank – repost them – they were great!

    Do you know if any of his gay porn films are aveable?

    Joe es hermoso y me encanta, soy un tipo guapo que daria lo que fuera por conocerlo y estar con el un buen momento

    Okay, now where can I buy a hard copy of these videos???

    Joe is one of the most beautiful men who has ever existed. He was one of my first crushes as a kid, along with the young Marlon Brando. I read an interview with him awhile back, and I think he’s still around – I hope ‘ doing well. Thanks for sharing these clips.

    FAB early little joe films!!

    me likey, you likey too, so please to clicky!

    I think that footage can also be found on the Beefcake DVD extras. Maybe not the buttfucking part.
    I hope people realize that he is “Little Joe never gave it away, everybody had to pay and pay.” From “Walk on the Wild Side”

    I’m a fan of Little Joe – recently I bought and watched Trash, Heat and Flesh – Trash and Heat being brilliantly wonderful. Lots of frontal from Joe and you see his erection in Flesh. Check them out if you haven’t!

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