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!! OMG, he’s naked: Paul Walker !!

Did any of you see that cute husky dog movie 8 Below? I loved that movie, mainly for all the cute “dog actors.” There was no Paul Walker in a bathing suit. In fact he was bundled up and the only piece of flesh we saw was his frostbitten nose.
That was not the case in his earlier film Into the Blue, where his shorts gave away one of his closely guarded secrets. Check it out after the jump along with some nude stills from Joyride [NSFW].

Paul Walker nude

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    i want to have sex with him

    Nice face and thick body —l like so much

    i love u paul…….
    i want to see ur big cock……
    i m big fan of u……
    love u………
    u r so hot……

    Paul Walker’s nude body is a joy to behold. I would love to go on that golden blond.

    He’s gorgeous and I love that pathway-down-to-happiness line in his back, but his butt is kind of disappointing. at least for my brazilian standards.

    I saw paul walker on Joy Ride the other day and damn!!!!! He has a nice ass body and a fat lil booty. Beautiful thighs and calves!!

    I would tap that. He sexy!


    I Know Right? yummalicious! even if he is a gay basher, probably has homo tendencies of his own. booty kinda flat though. who’s that with him? Steve Zahn? yummy also!!! ๐Ÿ™‚

    i want to suck his penis
    fuck him
    taste the big muscle of him
    i love him

    I would love to get fucked by him! i would love his cock down my throat and up my ass! god i am precumming as we speak!

    meee se รจ figo me lo mette in culo 3 volte

    mmmmmmmm he is finneeeeeeee although it doesn’t look like he’s got much of a handful going on there….. ๐Ÿ˜

    …omg paul walker … not only my hottie hot hot hero … gahhh i love him!!!!!!!

    rebster what did he say or where’s a link to what he said?

    read what this homophobic asshole had to say abut being offered a part that had him having homosexual sex, it was not nice at all, so i could give a flying fuck whether or not he has a cute ass, i threw out the dvds’ of his i had, and have never watched him again in anything.

    soooooo f-ing hott i want him soooooo badly

    omg he soooooooooooo freaken hot!!!!!!!!! :0 but he’s mine j/k i wish

    omg!!!! i’d love to get some of that

    omg hee’sss sooo sexyy…i want to suck his dick and lick his tongue…mmm..

    OMG hes soooooo hot i would give him my number ๐Ÿ˜‰ lol

    Holy shit! He’s hot!! And I thought the only action I could get out of Paul Walker was in this cheesy-ass movie named Tammy and the t-rex or some damn thing, where he gets his dick and balls grabbed! Nope, not enough!! This is fucking Sweet!!! Show me that ass!!! Nice dick (if he could only move his hands!!!) Oh, God!!

    OMFG!! I wish i could get inthose fucking hands i love him so much i would give just about anything to have one night where i could do anything i wanted with him, i would no even what him money.. fuck the money give me the dick…. please i love him with everything i got… i cryed because he got hurt in running scared….omfg i love him….

    how big is ur awsome penis?

    If that isn’t an edible ass, I don’t know what is?

    OMG thank you!
    I so need to get laid now that I’ve seen these.

    Damn thats a fine ass. Guess I can skip the dog movie though.

    OMG! Move your hands!


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