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!! OMG, how disturbing: Japanese ice cream cones !!

We agree with the little girl at lower left. What the f*ck is Big Sister eating? (via Lady Bunny)

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    My wife is Japanese so I know something of the country. Japan has temples for fertility and festivals for fertility. It is poignant in the fact that women desire to be mothers and anyone who has been a parent knows that getting pregnant is not all that easy (for everyone). It may be disturbing to western people who grew up in puritan america but I find it honest and innocent in the fact that they are celebrating a vital part of life, procreation. Oh, just so know you, female “parts” are also displayed and celebrated.

    “Ya want sprinkles widdat?”
    That is so fucking funny. Look at the husband looking at her with a peculiar grin. Could it be she doesn’t KNOW? LOL

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