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!! OMG, how retarded: Ann Coulter (again) !!

Did Canada send troops to Vietnam? In Ann Coulter‘s mind they did, and that’s all that really matters.

(via Lady Bunny)

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    Canadian’s in Vietnam??? Yep! Really was true!

    If the story is old, it only means that Ann Coulter was as much an idiot two years ago as she is today.
    On a related note, why is there a gay person defending Ann Coulter in my blog comments? Leave and never return, please. xo Frank

    hey our hands are clean. well, uh, except for all that agent orange dupont cooked up here in kingston. sorry about that.

    “yeah…Day-old News? Hi, Frank would like to cancel his subscription.”
    This occured like almost 2 years ago. It was contested in a Time Magazine cover story where it confirmed Coulter’s allegation. Canada indeed sent non-combattive troops to Vietnam.

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