!! Sex In the AIDS-Stricken Continent !!

I know this campaign is for a good cause, and I know they think they’re being humanitarian or something, but really, what are Sarah Jessica Parker, Gwyneth Paltrow, and Alan Cumming doing with war paint on their faces? I think I would rather see SJP cavorting around in a Gap ad, or better yet, never again anywhere. And Alan… Well, just because it’s not jizz on your face doesn’t mean it’s a good idea.

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11 Comments on "Sex In the AIDS-Stricken Continent"

  1. I’m West Indian but way of African…American…whatever but my point is that. i understand where they are coming from but…on the other hand not all of Africa is about tribal symbols. But then in the villages sometimes they have no idea what Aids is. Maybe it’s because i don’t get what the point is. Taking a picture saying they are African? I guess they are implying that all people came from africa or thats what they believe? I think its the color and the symbols that is throwing me off. I’m no sure if they are accurate or of they should have been in color.

  2. Michael Turner | August 26, 2006 at 3:57 pm | Reply

    how the hell does putting o paint on their faces make them African…this is borderline racist people.

  3. You forget, there are light-skinned Africans as well as dark. They are called, “Afrikaans” (prounced A-free-cons) not Africans. That is how you know they are the white ones from the black ones.
    So those pictures of those light-skinned celebs are Afrikaaners. And yes, Charlize Theron is also an Afrikaaner & from South Africa.
    So the next time you hear a light-skinned/white person say they are from Africa, they are!

  4. Hmmm. On the one hand you are right and if Gwynnie’s money is where her makeup is, then “big ups” to her. I know that A. Jolie give huge amounts of her income to Africa and Asia, which is nothing but admirable. She ALSO gives her time and heart.
    However, peace and love put aside, I stand by my comment that the campaign leaves a weird aftertaste in a way that is not so far from Bono’s “tonight thank God it’s them instead of you” line did in Band Aid. It IS well intentioned, but I hope each of the stars in the ads was asked to donate a very large sum of money first.
    and yes, before you say anything, I have donated money, if not time, to Africa and Asia.

  5. White babies now think they are African

    (Image Source) Do you see, Gwyneth, Sarah, and Alan, what irresponsible testimonials can lead to? I hope you’ll think twice the next time you decide to tackily appropriate some stylist’s vision of another culture….

  6. Can we just “big-up” the project without the negatives??? Please…
    it’s like Catherine said… all life began in Africa… so it’s all our point of origin. Nonetheless… seeing it as racist when millions are dying trivializes the whole thing… this is simply one effort for the cause… let’s not beat it down… namaste..

  7. African what?
    Maybe Gwynnie’s had an African clitorectomy, which could account for a lot of things…
    As for the other two. I’m sure Cummings and Parker have had African in the ass more than once.
    So yeah maybe they are… sort of.

  8. We’re all African. That’s where we began. Anything to help Africa is all right with me.

  9. I say donating 10% of their own money and sending doctors and nurses, food and creating jobs there, homes with running water and sewers might help.. Do not call on the world to aid you in fundage and work. Take donations only from the rich and let the rich run and maintain the whole save Africa foundation by paying the bills, working living there.. therefore personally accountable for failures and successes. After all these decades and billions of dollars no progress but a worsening situation. Show us your genuis stuff RICH and FAMOUS! I doubt dabs of paint will do any good to stir my pity and empathy anymore. In fact it is insulting really, they think we mentally link Africa with tribal face paint., and freaky hairstyles?

  10. wow, i guess i am african too.
    who would have ever guessed?
    jack e. jett

  11. It actually seems sort of unintentionally racist. Maybe racist is *not* the right word, but there is something wrong with posh Spence girl Gwynnie wearing that. Has she ever been there? Africa is much much more than warpaint!

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