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!! The many faces of Teri Hatcher !!

“Yay, Desperate Housewives is finally out on DVD! Let’s get silly!”
Teri Hatcher must have been thinking something along those lines at the launch party for the Desperate Housewives DVD. She kept tossing one goofy look after another. See a few more after the jump.

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    leave her alone. she cant be sexy all the time, i would love it if you could pull the perfect smile 1000 times in a night!

    OMG, how whacky: Channing Tatum

    Maybe he just saw Teri Hatcher getting her photo taken, but something at the premiere of his new movie Step Up must have tickled star Channing Tatum, because he was just a big, muscular bag of giggles and boyish hijinks. What a lovable lug he is. See …

    Botox Alert!

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