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!! Hugh Jackman towels off !!

I’m not sure why he’s still sporting his Wolverine facial hair, but Hugh Jackman looks otherwise pretty dreamy in his tiny bathing suit. It seems he is showing us that armpit hair on purpose.




    i think this may be the first and only time in my life that i will use the word “woof”…and i’m not even a bear…
    he’s a hot hot man.

    mmmm mmm mmm hes soooooo hot! id dry him off with my tongue!!! 🙂

    Uau!!!! he is the best

    OMG what I would pay to have that massive man on me… I bet he’s got a big one

    what a hottie mmmmmmmmmmmmm

    so sexy…love everything about him….his body hair, his facial hair…i bet i would love his pubic hair if he would sho it…yummy!!!! hes gotta be huge…i need him on me…

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