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!! The monster has won !!

Infamous ballot-stuffer Katherine Harris has won her Republican primary in Florida despite incredible odds. Chances are she will lose miserably in November to incumbent Democrat Bill Nelson, but for now she is raising her talons to celebrate her moment in the sun. I think I’m most terrified of those two supporters that her palms are sweating all over.

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    Get this motherfucking snake off this motherfuking page.

    Pardon my language, but…CUNT!!!!!

    it is sad that it takes two people to hold up her heavy make up laden head that is attached to her little bulimic body.
    look close at her face and think of mr. ed.
    jack e. jett
    the most beautiful man on the planet

    The Democrats are just looking to kick her ass and take back this country while doing it.
    She’s the perfect snack for Bill Nelson!

    i love it that it takes two people to hold her up. her fucking head is sooo big and her body so freaking bulimic that people have to hold her up.
    then she opens her mouth and the first thing that comes to mind is that she is the wife of mr. ed
    jack e. jett

    i am glad to see that racehorse is doing better.
    jack e. jett

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