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!! Justin Timberlake tells us about love (again) !!

The two Timbas (Timberlake and Timbaland) have added an awkward, lo-fi intro to Justin’s most recent single “My Love” for the music video. I find Timbaland’s supervisibility lately a bit self-indulgent in general, but especially in this video, where they added an extra minute onto the song just so he could appear and shuffle around in a white suit.
That said, the song is still bad, but the dance routines are pretty cool, if you can stomach prettyboy Justin Timberlake groping his own abs and acting all “street.”

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    That song is NOT BAD are you kidding me, that song kicks ass, they play it on the radio constantly, GO JUSTIN !!

    i love the song, personally. The intro is actually on the cd. and it’s not seperate from the song. its all one track. so they didn’t add it just for timbaland. but yea i love the song :]]

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