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!! ‘Manly’ Australian football skin !!

My new favorite Australian rugby team is the Manly Sea Eagles, because not only do they have a fantastic name, but they have the goods to back it up. Michael Robertson (pictured), who plays in the “wing” position, recently put his own manliness on display during a match when a member of the opposite team reached into Mr. Robertson’s shorts and pulled his goods out for the TV cameras! See some NSFW stills of the episode after the jump.

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    I feel so embarrassed. That guy, with his dick shown, is my cousin!! What a disgrace. Bloddy idiot robbo.

    Dam! Just what id do if i was on the opposing team! lol MMMM

    Makes me hungry for a Vienna susage.

    Looks like he got nicely trimmed pubes…

    Wow, way to make a guy’s stuff look really UNATTRACTIVE. 🙂

    this is why we love you frank!

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