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!! ‘Top Model’ soars to new heights !!

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Last night the America’s Next Top Model contestants were made up to look like both halves of different celebrity couples, and I think a new benchmark of absurdity has been set with Anchal’s photoshoot. Dressing up as Oprah is no big deal (and she did it well), but poor Anchal had to become Oprah’s boyfriend Stedman, and her moustache made her look a bit more like an Indian Groucho Marx.
And her troubles weren’t over. During judging when Tyra asked her how it felt to play Oprah, who happens to be one of Tyra’s idols, Anchal said how she had to imagine what it must be like to “spend a million a week” and to “fly for donuts.” Oh no she did not imply that Oprah eats carbs and processed sugar!

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