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!! Wentworth Miller was a sexy teenager !!

These high school yearbook photos of ambiguously straight Prison Break actor Wentworth Miller reveal that his skin has always been perfect and he never went through an awkward phase. In fact, he prett much looked exactly the same then as now, except with more hair and less fake tattoos.
So now for the real question. Who was the hotter high schooler: “Went” Miller or George Clooney?

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    While I’d drop to my knees for Miller and Clooney, I vote for Wentworth as the hottest high schooler! 😉

    OMG, how dreamy: Barack Obama at 18

    (Image Source via Feyfriends) Continuing my tradition of posting high school year photos of attractive men in the spotlight (see George Clooney, Wentworth Miller, Tom Cruise), I present to you “Barry” Obama, who evidently enjoyed polyester, basketball…

    Did Went wear glasses?
    The last photo has me intrigued.
    Also in photo 3 is he singing or giving a speech? Can anyone help??

    He’s part black. U can really tell bi his nappy hair. 2 bad : (

    oh my god, bring him to me. he is soooooo hot. i’d suck him dry & fuck his brains out before he even knew i was in the room. be affraid wentworth, i’m cuming after you, live in fear. one of the most devine creatures ever.

    THOMAS: You racist azzhole. What a weird assumption and a horrible attitude. How are things in Mississippi these days? Been to any lynchings, gay boy?

    What school did he go to?

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