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!! I’m FABULOUSLY glamorous! !!

So what if only three people recognized my costume at the Halloween party last night? I think I made quite an accurate Laura Bennett, and those few in the know agreed. I spent most of the night drinking through a straw (no alcohol of course; there is a baby to think about) and dancing in my low heels, trying to forget that I did not win Project Runway.
Check out a few of my favorite costumes of the night after the jump.

The Frostitution cupcake
The goat wrestler
The post-op HTB (human-to-bunny) trannie
The spooky ghost
I’m not quite sure…
The groupie and the whore

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    Definitely missing the plunging neckline… I can’t see your rib bones, so obviously it is not low enough… but not too bad!
    Although, I think you might be too pretty for her…

    You look pretty and stylish, Frank, but Laura had a MUCH bigger Belly.

    where’s the plunging neckline?

    Happy Endings

    • Frank Griggs sure does look sexy as Project Runway finalist Laura Bennett. If only he’d made himself preggers. Now that would have been hot. [!! omg !! Blog] • What’s black, white, and has Mark Foley’s name written all…


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