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!! Meet the Shiny Toy Guns !!

The Shiny Toy Guns were a MySpace phenomenon before anyone in the non-Internet world had even heard of them, and it had nothing to do with their expensive haircuts. Everyone loves a good song, and the STG were pumping them out faster than their MySpace fans could say "OMG"!

With several demo versions of their new album We Are Pilots floating around for the past few years, you may have heard some snippets of the STG's guitar-infused electropop, but the final release recently put out by Universal sounds polished, extra-fierce, and ready for the world at large.

Take a listen to their first single "Le Disko" [MP3] and new song "Starts With One" [MP3] to get a taste, and visit the Shiny Toy Guns website and MySpace page for more.

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After the jump, watch the video for "Le Disko," complete with gothy teenagers making out and even a scary spider woman!

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» posted by Frank on Tuesday, November 21, 2006
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