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!! OMG, how furry: Victoria Beckham !!

Look what Victoria Beckham wore to Tom and Katie’s wedding! It looks like monkey fur to me, but it could perhaps be alien fur to keep with the theme. See two more photos after the jump.

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    Victoria Beckham is one of the sexiest women in the world and looks absolutely gorgeous when she wears real fur. This is fake, but shes still gorgeous.

    just take that dog out the back & shoot it, victoria that is not the coat. she is just…….. there are no words to describe how i fell about that piece of shit.take her,shoot her then bring me her husband.

    She always looks great and I love the fur although it looks fake

    What kind of fur is she wearing…that beyiatch.

    Victoria looks fab as usual, baby! All I know is that I am blinded by her perfect tan and that huge rock on her finger. Becks has good taste (though it’d be better if he liked men, or at least loved me). Ha!

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