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!! OMG, my fantasy: Sean Connery !!

Sean Connery, Sean Connery… I don’t know where this is from, but I now see him in a new light. (Thanks to Clinton for the photo!)

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    That is definitely a still shot from Zardoz which was one of the worst movies ever made. I have the DVD. I must have seen it at least 6 times so far. Be sure to watch it with the director’s commentary turned on. The movie is a riot.

    Actually, its from a sexual nightmare I had in third grade.

    Zardox! great movie. slow but excellent story.
    think Sean Connery and Charlott Rampling. very hot for it’s time.
    total cult classic

    i don’t get it.

    The amazing Charolette Rampling is in it too and she plays “Consuella”! How exciting, I wonder what her outfits are like…
    I wonder if this lost classic has been reissued on DVD?

    Isn’t that from a really, really bad scifi movie he did called ‘Zardoz’? I recall renting it from Netflix but not being able to sit through it (regardless of just how dead sexy Connery is!)
    Love the photo, tho.

    I think it’s a still from the ’70s movie Zardoz

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