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!! Some more ‘Dieux du Stade 2007’ !!

These Dieux du Stade 2007 calendar pictures just keep leaking, so of course I have to keep posting them for you all, and it seems that these beefy guys are covering up less and less. See quite a bit of hot French rugby player penis after the jump [very NSFW].
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    Yeah, ditto. French rugby players are my new type!

    wow! Why must there be men who are that good looking in this world?

    OMG, he’s naked: Rugger Juan Martin Berberian

    You might all be sick of all the nude footage from yet-to-be-released “making of” DVD for the Dieux du Stade 2007 calendar, but I wanted to send you into the weekend with one more gorgeous European rugby hunk to dream about. Juan Martin Berberian does…

    OMG, he’s naked: Scottish rugby guy

    The “making of” DVD for the Dieux du Stade 2007 calendar doesn’t come out until December 19, but I’ve dug up some photos that confirm what I suspected all along: The DVD is just like the calendar except with a lot more hefty French penis. Take a look …

    Why, oh why didn’t they put THESE pictures on the calendar?

    Okay, I am now an official Rugby Fan. I don’t know how it’s played. I don’t know how points are scored. But I know I like it!!

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