!! OMG, how cute: Tori Spelling’s dog in a stroller !!

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Didn’t Tori Spelling just have a baby? Why is there a pug in her stroller? So many unanswered questions, but as usual when it comes to Tori Spelling, I just don’t care. However, I do hope she takes that cute doggie out more often for the paparazzi. Oh, and FYI, the dog’s name is “Miss Mimi La Rue.”

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  1. Maria,
    In response to your question, this is a Walk ‘n Roll dog stroller. It is a nice dog stroller for very small pets. It’s not recommended for dogs more than 20 pounds (and even then it can get cozy for pets over 15 pounds.) If your pet is that small, check out the Walk ‘n Roll, and for larger pets I’d recommend the Pet Gear line.

  2. I have a pug with severe arthritis and she can’t walk in the snow–esp. if there’s a ton of salt on the sidewalk–what I want to know is, what brand is this stroller, it looks *great*!

  3. First of all, Tori’s still pregnant.
    Secondly, pet strollers aren’t that unusual. Hilary calls it lame, but there are many good reasons for someone to use a dog stroller–her dog may be getting older, may have arthritis or an injury, or may have breathing issues (which can be common for Pugs.)

  4. Sorry this just seems a bit lame. Not cute.

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