!! OMG, her chin: Britney Spears !!

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Is that Brooke Hogan‘s humongous chin on your screen? No, it’s none other than Britney Spears looking like she just got punched in the face. Of course this may all be part of a grander come-back strategy. Only time will tell.

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5 Comments on "OMG, her chin: Britney Spears"

  1. Is that Alyssa Milano in the floppy hat?

  2. Yeah, the chin is horrid – she looks like TO drag queen Amanda Roberts … but let’s talk about the goofy-ass smile on the Soleil Moon-Frye-lookin’ dillhole behind her? What’s that all about?

  3. who’s britney spears? is what people will ask in 5 years and the answer will be this 15 hit wonder ex-pop star who lives in staten island and works at the dq.

  4. why is every homo in the world so down on britney? what is up with that? what has this woman done….that many of us have not.
    let the woman have a good time.
    she owes us nothing. why do we ride her ass and let whores like
    denise richards get away with harming elderly people.
    i say…go for it girl….you are young, beautiful and talented and fuck those fags who can’t deal with it, they have there heads so far up jennifer hudson’s ass they can’t even see straight (forward)
    love live the brit.
    richards is the shit.
    jack e. jett
    Foundation For Britney Freedom

  5. Can you say – “Damn! Bitch looks bad”? 😉
    Oh Britney – get it together, girl – or get some therapy! If this isn’t the bottom of the barrel then you need to be a SCARED!

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